Support Regina hotels with FeSKival – June 11-14, 202

Support Regina hotels with FeSKival – June 11-14, 202

REGINA, SK — Billed as an effort for the community by the community, FeSKival is a made-in-Saskatchewan full weekend of entertainment, featuring a live-streamed concert of five renowned Saskatchewan artists, a celebration of local hospitality businesses, and raising funds for the Regina Food Bank.

Created from top to bottom by local businesses, FeSKival is being piloted in Regina first, but has the potential to grow into other centres across Saskatchewan. This event packages outstanding music with options for great food from local restaurants, accommodation at local hotels and an opportunity to give to families in need with a donation to the local Food Bank.

“We’re all happy to see a return to normal in the not-too-distant future, and FeSKival will help tide us over until we get there,” Tourism Regina’s Chief Tourism and Visitor Growth Officer Chelsea Galloway said. “After a year of lockdowns, restrictions, and sacrifices, we wanted to celebrate the light at the end of the tunnel with some good old-fashioned fun, Saskatchewan-style, while supporting local businesses and artists.”

Performers include Saskatchewan’s own JJ Voss, Jeff Straker, Jack Semple, Heidi Munro & Scott Patrick and Belle Plaine. A full list of participating Regina hotels and restaurants is available at

While COVID-19 restrictions remain in place, the event’s goal is to drive more than 2,000 orders to local restaurants and hotels – a much-needed boost in difficult times.

“Without question, the hotel industry has been the hardest hit by Covid,” Regina Hotel Association President and CEO Tracy Fahlman said. “FeSKival provides a much-needed opportunity to collaborate with other struggling sectors – and to support one another.”

Not only does the event feature local artists, restaurants, and hotels, it utilizes audacious, Saskatchewan-built technology. The streaming platform is provided by Regina-based start-up GIG’N, while another Regina start-up, Fundraisn, has provided a central platform for participating restaurants, hotels, and the local Food Bank. 2

“One of the things that makes Regina great is our community spirit – neighbours coming together to help neighbours – and that’s what FeSKival is all about,” Regina Food Bank Chief Executive Officer John Bailey said. “This event is a celebration – of community, the coming summer, turning the corner on Covid, and of a hospitality industry that has persevered through so much adversity. Regina restaurants have always rallied around Regina Food Bank and now it’s our turn to rally around them.”